Modern Fusion Music is a new record label with over 20+ years of experience in label management. The leadership team consists of many members including Gustavo Mazzi, an Italian producer in Deep House. Gustavo has been producing music for nearly 15 years under different names and has worked as a ghost producer for some of the biggest labels in Deep House. Gustavo brings his Jazz style of Deep House with him to his new label. 


The next member of the leadership team is Cathryn Sulove, a producer from the UK. Cathryn is a newer artist but has been known to be a producer for many small Nu-Disco labels. She will bring her skill sets of a business manager to the label, and will also produce some new songs for us. Cathryn, is educated with an MBA in Business Management. 


J-Pop artist and fan of Progressive House Suki Nyoko is a welcome addition to the Modern Fusion Music group. Her music fuses Progressive House with Pop music. She has worked with many J-Pop artists as well as other pop artists in Japan. Her music has also been featured on anime TV shows, and movies across Japan. 


Matt Trescothik is one of our newest members, as a big fan of Kygo, Matoma, and Kiso, Matt brings his new sounds in those of Tropical House. Currently, Matt is a DJ in Maimi. 


Matthias Bishop is a veteran A&R manager and has worked in the dance scene for the last 10 years working for many Trance labels. Matthias who comes from Liverpool and has been a DJ for many years in Blackpool. Matthias produces a different Trance vibe, very similar to that of Ferry Tayle. Matthias' girlfriend, Skye-Anne Lavinia also is a member of our leadership team. 


Next, we bring Daisy Zarubin to the label as an Electronica/Downtempo artist. Her songs have been featured on many YouTube channels, and Spotify channels under an alias. Daisy will be assisting Cathryn in the business office, and produce her famous Classical inspired Downtempo style in the near future. Daily is originally from Australia and most recently moved to the UK. 


Finally, Skye-Anne Lavinia joins the label with her EDM music style. Skye has only been producing for a few years and will make an impact later with her style. Skye was born in the USA but has moved around. She now settles in the UK with her boyfriend Matthias Bishop. 

Our music has appeared on some of the biggest Radio Shows, YouTube Channels, and Spotify Playlists. Also, our songs have been featured on Beatport including the Top 100 and the Overall Top 100. 


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