About Our Trance Team Lead - Matthias Bishop

Hello everybody!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend, and let's get the party started for next weekend. Gustavo and Cathryn asked me to write up a post about who I am, and where I have been in the music industry.

Let's get this started, I first got into Trance around 1996 when I was about 16 years old growing up in the UK. My first song I ever heard was Robert Miles, "Fable" which to me was an outstanding song and I never heard that kind of style every in my life. I got to meet Robert Miles during a tour of the UK he did for Children, and some others. The guy was a mastermind and a fantastic person to be around. I can see why so many artists idolize him.

I kept listening to some good music, and I found myself listening to a lot of Myon & Shane 54, Labworks, Armin Van Buuren and more Robert Miles. The one thing I noticed that everybody was different in their style approach. Myon & Shane 54 were more a uplifting rave style, while Labworks were trying to re-create the Robert Miles style of trance.

In 2001 I joined in with two guys one in Russia and the other in the USA to help create some new remixes for Labworks. We were known as Dynamic Music and we did a Techno Style remix of the song Summerbreeze. Neither one of us were really proud of the remix but it kind of showed what were trying to do in Trance. Below you can find the original mix of Summerbreeze done by Labworks. This song was a classic rave song.

Dynamic Music and I went our separate ways but I wanted to keep producing. I teamed up with a friend in the Ukraine to create a new artist collaboration. While we were not successful with it, we ended not working together any longer. I finally joined Aura, a new group out of the UK that was looking to create a new form of Uplifting Rave Trance but with a more melodic feeling.

The song below is what I really wanted to show to the world. It was something that I had learned by listening to Myon & Shane 54, and understanding how Labworks worked well.

Over the last 15 years I have been a DJ, not so much into the creative process anymore. Aura the Sound of Trance was something very close to my heart. I did a lot of A&R for many Trance record labels in Europe. While the job was fun I felt that I was not contributing to the community.

Gustavo and Cathryn approached me about joining Modern Fusion Music but with the ability to be creative and allow me to produce more songs. Since joining I got back into the swing of things and I am now producing new Progressive and Uplifting Trance with a modern feel but I am bringing in my influences that I learned from many years ago. It has shown in my new work.

I am super happy to be here, and I am so happy that I can be creative again. I can help with A&R and at the same time, I can create some new music!

Matthias Bishop

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