New Logo + Cover Art Design

Skye our EDM Lead is also our graphic designer. Modern Fusion has started to grow and we want to change our image in that growth.

We came up with a new design that we think you will like.

First the logo, using the same font we had on our old logo (Audiowide) we wanted to bring a new image that showed more of what we like. Headphones are a perfect example, as most artists, engineers, producers listen to music in headphones. Second we want to show a different array of colors. Gong from Pink to Purple to Blue shows that we want to be involved in multiple levels of music.

For the cover, we were inspired by an old Monstercat cover design but we wanted to change out a lot of it to make it more impact. On our cover, we used the blue found in our logo for the bottom layer, this is where all the text will reside. Secondly we changed fonts to Helvetica. Helvetica is a standard font used in many graphics and works well for text areas. We added a purple/white border on the image portion, on darker images you will see this more than bright ones. Finally we applied a lot photo filters to the image to give it a higher quality. Those filters include color balance, hue/saturation, levels, and curves.

In the next few days we will be remaking our video graphics too to include a new equalizer format in After Effects.

We hope you enjoy the new look. You will start to see this soon on the stores.


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