Review of Beatport Link / Cloud

This last week, I was able to try out Beatport's new streaming DJ system called Link.

To explain it in simple terms, it's Beatport's answer to Spotify and allows you to import the songs into Pioneer's DJ Systems like WeDJ for Mobile, and RekordBox for the PC and Mac.

I found a lot of inconvenience as a professional DJ with Link and Cloud. Beatport states that all 6 million songs can be downloaded offline for a monthly price of $40 a month and you can store up to 50 songs in each DJ session.

This is not true at all. First Beatport only syncs about 1700 songs at maximum and it has to new songs. Any old songs, do not work, and any songs that are on Hype, or Exclusive will not import either into the system.

This was the answer for many DJs so they do not have to ask record labels to be included on a mass email promo list.

Everything from the initial setup, to logging into your account, to syncing your playlists and any songs you purchased is a pain to set everything up.

But the worst thing, and this is where I would not recommend the service, you can not mix more than two songs in your decks. If you have an entire playlist, it only works with the first two songs. This might be a limitation of RekordBox, or it could be a limit with Beatport.

Let's hope in the future this is fixed. It's a keen idea.


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