Spotify and iTunes?

Many artists have come up to us and ask, which store is actually performing better than the other. While both stores are actually very good for the artists, Spotify is supreme of that of iTunes and Apple Music.

There are a few reasons for this, the first is the community. Spotify was the first streaming platform to fully support playlists, which is how many artists got noticed. Even our artists get full support from playlists, which makes their streaming numbers go up.

While Apple Music also has playlists, never did Apple intend to make them public until recently. So due to this Apple has to play catchup. The one thing that Apple Music has that Spotify just pushed out is podcasts.

In music no matter what genre the artist or label is in, the best way for any traction is with support. Whether it’s on Apple Music, Spotify, or even YouTube.

For the artist managing both is crucial. How to manage both isn’t difficult, but can be time-consuming because there is a lot of research that has to be done on the Apple Music side because Apple does not provide a way to see how many streams, or stats that the artist has gotten.

Luckily, for Spotify, there is a site called Spot-On-Track in which the artist can view and see all their streaming data from Spotify.

Beatport is an important avenue to keep track of sales, and charts but Beatport does not give real-time data, instead, it gives a delay data. Usually, after the distribution company has been sent the CSV from Beatport will they be the most accurate, but Beatport does not send their statistics every day.

The best store at the moment is Spotify. There is no question that the community features that Spotify has been a lot better than Apple Music.


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