Trance Working Hard

We are moving forward with our original plan and moving with some new opportunities.

Matthias Bishop our team leader in Progressive and Uplifting Trance has multiple songs that is being featured on our promo lists. His debut song "Tranquility" is getting support already from Paddy Kelly, Kells Kitchen Radio, Madwave, Trance FM and many others. Matthias already has developed two more songs with Lighthouse, and Oceanfront. Lighthouse is a Progressive Trance oriented song with Oceanfront is a uplifting banger.

Speaking of Matthias, he will be debut his new podcast soon with Catalepsy. This debut in the next few weeks and will be on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, MixCloud, SoundCloud, and other radio stations.

Stay tuned for more from Matthias Bishop. Here are some covers for Matthias Bishop. Matthias is already a well known person in Trance, but these new songs will make his name even more known.

Also, two Progressive Trance artists, alanisnotcool and Votchik both make their debuts on Modern Fusion Music this month with there new songs. Alan has more than just one new song, he has a library of new songs that will be coming out soon.


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